Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada
Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada

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Soap Weed

Yucca glauca
Agavaceae family

      The plant below is actually more than one clumped together. They have pointed leaves that go out in every possible direction. These Soap Weeds are a relative of the Joshua Tree and Spanish Bayonet, all of which sprout white flowers. In the case of the Soap Weed, flowers grow directly out of the top.

All of the flowers of this genus are edible and have a sweet hint to them. The seeds were also dried, baked or saved after an early harvest. The roots of this plant were also used for much:  Decoctions ( i.e. process of pulling particular properties/chemicals from the plant) were used internally for digestive irritation and arthritis. The topical uses include
reduced hair loss, lice removal and an anti-inflammatory.

Western Wild Grape



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