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Account Clerk (60000312_1.pdf)
Account Clerk II (60000311_1.pdf)
Account Clerk II (TMFPD) (60017775_1.pdf)
Account Clerk II, Juvenile Services (60013730_1.pdf)
Accountant I (60000320_1.pdf)
Accountant II (60000318_1.pdf)
Accounting Manager (60000321_1.pdf)
Administrative Assistant I (60000174_1.pdf)
Administrative Assistant I - TMFPD (60017801_1.pdf)
Administrative Assistant II (60000163_1.pdf)
Administrative Assistant Trainee (60000173_1.pdf)
Administrative Clerk - County Commissioners (60000168_1.pdf)
Administrative Health Services Officer (60000629_1.pdf)
Administrative Legal Secretary - Juvenile Services (60013708_1.pdf)
Administrative Secretary (60000023_1.pdf)
Administrative Secretary - Juvenile Services (60013723_1.pdf)
Administrative Secretary Supervisor (60000024_1.pdf)
Administrative Services Manager (60016135_1.pdf)
Advanced Practitioner of Nursing (60000603_1.pdf)
Advanced Practitioner of Nursing - Juvenile Services (60013788_1.pdf)
Air Quality Specialist I (60000617_1.pdf)
Air Quality Specialist II (60000618_1.pdf)
Air Quality Supervisor (60000609_1.pdf)
Aircraft Mechanic (60002229_1.pdf)
Alternate Public Defender (60015975_1.pdf)
Animal Control Officer (60002216_1.pdf)
Animal Services Assistant (60016825_1.pdf)
Animal Services Caretaker (60015054_1.pdf)
Animal Services Kennel Assistant (60015053_1.pdf)
Animal Services Manager (60015051_1.pdf)
Animal Services Supervisor (60002217_1.pdf)
Appraisal Assistant (60000340_1.pdf)
Appraiser I (60000328_1.pdf)
Appraiser II (60000329_1.pdf)
Appraiser III (60000330_1.pdf)
Assistant Alternative Sentencing Officer (60015926_1.pdf)
Assistant Alternative Sentencing Officer Supervisor (60017550_1.pdf)
Assistant Chief Deputy Treasurer (60000319_1.pdf)
Assistant County Manager (60009409_1.pdf)
Assistant Food Manager (60009005_1.pdf)
Assistant Manager/Family Support (60001024_1.pdf)
Assistant Medical Examiner (60016027_1.pdf)
Assistant Planner (60000704_1.pdf)
Assistant Public Works Director - Engineering (60016627_1.pdf)
Assistant to County Manager (60000170_1.pdf)
Auto Body Repairer (60008104_1.pdf)
Automotive Mechanic (60008107_1.pdf)
B (return to top)
Basis Administrator I (60015800_1.pdf)
Basis Administrator II (60015775_1.pdf)
Behavioral Health Program Coordinator (60017750_1.pdf)
Benefits Specialist (60000499_1.pdf)
Building Inspection Supervisor (60002111_1.pdf)
Building Inspector (60002105_1.pdf)
Building Inspector Trainee (60002100_1.pdf)
Building Permit Technician (60002114_1.pdf)
Building System Controls Specialist (60008134_1.pdf)
Business Systems Analyst I (60000260_1.pdf)
Business Systems Analyst II (60000261_1.pdf)
Buyer (60000412_1.pdf)
C (return to top)
Captain (60002215_1.pdf)
Carpenter (60008126_1.pdf)
Carpenter Supervisor (60008127_1.pdf)
Case Compliance Reviewer- CPS (60006138_1.pdf)
Chief Alternative Sentencing Officer (60015927_1.pdf)
Chief Deputy Assessor (60000339_1.pdf)
Chief Deputy County Clerk (60000159_1.pdf)
Chief Deputy Recorder (60000137_1.pdf)
Chief Deputy Sheriff (60002248_1.pdf)
Chief Deputy Treasurer (60000325_1.pdf)
Chief Information Officer (60015950_1.pdf)
Chief Investigator (DA) (60001021_1.pdf)
Chief Investigator (Public Defender) (60015525_1.pdf)
Chief Medical Examiner/Coroner (60016026_1.pdf)
Chief of Building Operations (60008123_1.pdf)
Chief Property Appraiser (60000338_1.pdf)
Chief Records Clerk (60000103_1.pdf)
Child Protective Services Intake Screener (60006137_1.pdf)
Children`s Services Coordinator Supervisor (60006130_1.pdf)
Civil Engineer I (60003015_1.pdf)
Civil Engineer II (60003016_1.pdf)
Civil Supervisor (60016326_1.pdf)
Claims Analyst (60017452_1.pdf)
Code Enforcement Officer I (60015851_1.pdf)
Code Enforcement Officer II (60000700_1.pdf)
Collections Analyst (60006140_1.pdf)
Communications Specialist (60002210_1.pdf)
Communications Specialist Trainee (60002209_1.pdf)
Community Health Aide (60000600_1.pdf)
Community Health Nutritionist (60000607_1.pdf)
Community Outreach Coordinator (60015156_1.pdf)
Community Relations Manager (60017100_1.pdf)
Competency Development Coordinator (60013740_1.pdf)
Cook - Juvenile Services (60013771_1.pdf)
County Building Official (60009322_1.pdf)
County Comptroller (60009302_1.pdf)
County Grants Administrator (60000169_1.pdf)
County Manager (60009303_1.pdf)
County Payroll Supervisor (60000317_1.pdf)
County Public Information Officer (60007006_1.pdf)
County Surveyor/Land Developer (60003018_1.pdf)
CPS Intake Screener (60006137_1.pdf)
Crime Analyst/GIS Specialist I (60016826_1.pdf)
Crime Analyst/GIS Specialist II (60016126_1.pdf)
Crime Lab Director (60016450_1.pdf)
Criminalist I (60002259_1.pdf)
Criminalist II (60002252_1.pdf)
Criminalist Trainee (60002258_1.pdf)
Curator (60004010_1.pdf)
Custodial Worker (60009002_1.pdf)
D (return to top)
DA Investigator I (60001018_1.pdf)
DA Investigator II (60001019_1.pdf)
DA Investigator III (60001020_1.pdf)
Department Programmer Analyst (60015175_1.pdf)
Department Programmer Analyst - Juvenile Services (60016129_1.pdf)
Department Support Supervisor (60000440_1.pdf)
Department Systems Specialist (60017600_1.pdf)
Department Systems Support Coordinator (60017560_1.pdf)
Department Systems Support Supervisor (60017652_1.pdf)
Department Systems Technician (60017651_1.pdf)
Deputy Building Official (60016127_1.pdf)
Deputy Chief Medical Examiner (60017776_1.pdf)
Deputy Clerk - County Commissioners (60015332_1.pdf)
Deputy Coroner (Investigator) (60002255_1.pdf)
Deputy County Recorder (60000130_1.pdf)
Deputy Director, TRFMP (60015852_1.pdf)
Deputy District Attorney I (60001070_1.pdf)
Deputy District Attorney II (60001071_1.pdf)
Deputy District Attorney III (60001072_1.pdf)
Deputy District Attorney IV (60001073_1.pdf)
Deputy Public Defender I (60001080_1.pdf)
Deputy Public Defender II (60001081_1.pdf)
Deputy Public Defender III (60001082_1.pdf)
Deputy Public Defender IV (60001083_1.pdf)
Deputy Sheriff (60002212_1.pdf)
Deputy Sheriff Recruit (60002219_1.pdf)
Deputy Treasurer (60000322_1.pdf)
Detention Operations Manager (60002223_1.pdf)
Detention Programs Coordinator (60015331_1.pdf)
Detention Services Manager (60002222_1.pdf)
Development Officer (60005008_1.pdf)
Director of Community Relations (60007007_1.pdf)
Director of Community Services (60017325_1.pdf)
Director of Human Resources/Labor Relations (60017225_1.pdf)
Director of Juvenile Services (60013700_1.pdf)
Director of Programs and Projects (60017825_1.pdf)
Director Of Regional Animal Services (60017676_1.pdf)
Director of Senior Services (60009334_1.pdf)
Director of Social Services (60009316_1.pdf)
Director, Management Services (60015201_1.pdf)
Director, Regional Public Safety Training Center (60015125_1.pdf)
District Health Officer (60009304_1.pdf)
District Park Manager (60016130_1.pdf)
Division Director - Adult Services (60006151_1.pdf)
Division Director - Air Quality Management (60000619_1.pdf)
Division Director - CCHS (60000632_1.pdf)
Division Director - Children`s Services (60006135_1.pdf)
Division Director - Environmental Services (60000630_1.pdf)
Division Director - Juvenile Services (60013702_1.pdf)
Division Director - Social Services (60017725_1.pdf)
Division Director Engineering and Capital Projects - CSD (60017350_1.pdf)
Division Director Finance and Administration - CSD (60017351_1.pdf)
Division Director Finance and Administration - Social Services (60017703_1.pdf)
Division Director Operations - CSD (60017326_1.pdf)
Division Director Planning and Development - CSD (60017352_1.pdf)
Division Director Programs and Projects - CSD (60017353_1.pdf)
Duplicating Equipment Operator I (60000212_1.pdf)
Duplicating Equipment Operator II (60000213_1.pdf)
E (return to top)
E-Gov Information Officer (60007005_1.pdf)
Eligibility Case Compliance Reviewer (60006147_1.pdf)
Eligibility Certification Specialist I (60006149_1.pdf)
Eligibility Certification Specialist II (60006150_1.pdf)
Eligibility Supervisor (60006148_1.pdf)
Emergency Management Administrator (60009401_1.pdf)
Emergency Medical Services Coordinator (60000644_1.pdf)
Emergency Medical Services Program Manager (60017675_1.pdf)
Engineering Inspector (60003027_1.pdf)
Engineering Services Technician (60003046_1.pdf)
Engineering Technician (60003025_1.pdf)
Environmental Engineer I (60003040_1.pdf)
Environmental Engineer II (60003041_1.pdf)
Environmental Health Aide (Vector Control) (60017450_1.pdf)
Environmental Health Specialist (60000614_1.pdf)
Environmental Health Specialist Supervisor (60000615_1.pdf)
Environmental Health Specialist Trainee I (60000611_1.pdf)
Environmental Health Specialist Trainee II (60000612_1.pdf)
EPI Center Director (60015302_1.pdf)
Epidemiologist (60000648_1.pdf)
Equipment Parts Inventory Control Supervisor (60008112_1.pdf)
Equipment Parts Specialist (60008110_1.pdf)
Equipment Services Superintendent (60015200_1.pdf)
Equipment Services Supervisor (60008109_1.pdf)
Equipment Services Worker I (60008100_1.pdf)
Equipment Services Worker II (60008111_1.pdf)
Evidence and Property Control Clerk (60000054_1.pdf)
F (return to top)
Facilities Contract & Services Supervisor (60009008_1.pdf)
Facility Technician (60008136_1.pdf)
Facility Technician Supervisor (60008141_1.pdf)
Family Court Investigative Specialist (60015250_1.pdf)
Family Support Program Manager (60001023_1.pdf)
Family Support Specialist (60001014_1.pdf)
Family Support Supervisor (60001012_1.pdf)
Fire Battalion Chief (TMFPD) (60017151_1.pdf)
Fire Captain (TMFPD) (60017154_1.pdf)
Fire Division Chief (TMFPD) (60017150_1.pdf)
Fire Equipment Operator (TMFPD) (60017156_1.pdf)
Fire Marshal (TMFPD) (60017152_1.pdf)
Fire Mechanic (TMFPD) (60017302_1.pdf)
Fire Prevention Specialist (TMFPD) (60017157_1.pdf)
Firefighter/EMT Intermediate (TMFPD) (60017158_1.pdf)
Firefighter/Paramedic (TMFPD) (60017155_1.pdf)
Fiscal Analyst I (60000161_1.pdf)
Fiscal Analyst II (60000151_1.pdf)
Fiscal Analyst Trainee (60000160_1.pdf)
Fiscal Compliance Officer (60000351_1.pdf)
Fiscal Compliance Officer - Juvenile Services (60013735_1.pdf)
Fiscal Manager - Sheriff's (60017653_1.pdf)
Fiscal Manager - Social Services (60006134_1.pdf)
Food Manager (60009006_1.pdf)
Food Manager - Juvenile Services (60013772_1.pdf)
Forensic Investigator I (60002225_1.pdf)
Forensic Investigator II (60002226_1.pdf)
Forensic Medical Transcriber (60000175_1.pdf)
Foster Care Training and Support Specialist (60016550_1.pdf)
G (return to top)
Geomatics Technician (60016132_1.pdf)
GIS Specialist (60000720_1.pdf)
Government Affairs Manager (60015750_1.pdf)
Grants Coordinator (60015153_1.pdf)
Grounds Equipment Mechanic (60008102_1.pdf)
Grounds/Parks Maintenance Supervisor (60008030_1.pdf)
Guardian Case Manager (60000188_1.pdf)
Guardian Case Specialist (60015550_1.pdf)
H (return to top)
Health Educator Coordinator (60017625_1.pdf)
Health Educator I (60000627_1.pdf)
Health Educator II (60000628_1.pdf)
Heavy Equipment Diesel Mechanic (60008103_1.pdf)
Heavy Equipment Mechanic Supervisor- Gerlach/Vya (60008101_1.pdf)
Heavy Equipment Operator (60008243_1.pdf)
Horticulture Assistant (60000068_1.pdf)
Horticulturist (60000067_1.pdf)
Human Resources Administration Manager (60000504_1.pdf)
Human Resources Analyst I (60000506_1.pdf)
Human Resources Analyst II (60000508_1.pdf)
Human Resources Analyst Trainee (60000505_1.pdf)
Human Resources Specialist I (60000509_1.pdf)
Human Resources Specialist II (60000510_1.pdf)
Human Resources Specialist III (60015333_1.pdf)
Human Resources Specialist Trainee (60000501_1.pdf)
Human Services Program Supervisor (60016075_1.pdf)
Human Services Support Specialist I (60006128_1.pdf)
Human Services Support Specialist II (60006129_1.pdf)
Hydrogeologist I (60003051_1.pdf)
Hydrogeologist II (60003052_1.pdf)
I (return to top)
Imaging & Record Management Supervisor (60000201_1.pdf)
Imaging Equipment Technician I (60000202_1.pdf)
Imaging Equipment Technician II (60000203_1.pdf)
Imaging Equipment Technician Trainee (60000200_1.pdf)
Inmate Class/Inmate Assist Specialist (60002241_1.pdf)
Inmate Property/Services Supervisor (60002203_1.pdf)
Inmate Work Program Leader (60002204_1.pdf)
Inmate Work Program Supervisor (60002206_1.pdf)
Internal Audit Manager (60000352_1.pdf)
Internet Services Librarian (60016900_1.pdf)
Investigative Assistant (60001013_1.pdf)
Investigator I (PD) (60001011_1.pdf)
Investigator II (PD) (60001015_1.pdf)
Irrigation Specialist (60004028_1.pdf)
IT Manager (60000283_1.pdf)
J (return to top)
Jail Cook (60002242_1.pdf)
Juvenile Probation Officer I (60013710_1.pdf)
Juvenile Probation Officer II (60013711_1.pdf)
Juvenile Services Support Specialist (60013728_1.pdf)
K (return to top)
L (return to top)
Laborer (60008000_1.pdf)
Land Acquisition Manager (60016025_1.pdf)
Latent Fingerprint Examiner (60002260_1.pdf)
Law Office Manager (60000106_1.pdf)
Lead Animal Control Officer (60002230_1.pdf)
Lead Custodial Worker (60009007_1.pdf)
Lead Heavy Equipment Operator (60008245_1.pdf)
Legal Secretary (60000101_1.pdf)
Legal Secretary - Juvenile Services (60013721_1.pdf)
Legal Secretary Lead (60000102_1.pdf)
Legal Secretary Supervisor (60000104_1.pdf)
Legal Secretary Supervisor - Juvenile Services (60013724_1.pdf)
Librarian I (60005020_1.pdf)
Librarian II (60005022_1.pdf)
Librarian III (60005024_1.pdf)
Library Aide (60005000_1.pdf)
Library Assistant I (60005012_1.pdf)
Library Assistant II (60005014_1.pdf)
Library Assistant III (60005016_1.pdf)
Library Director (60009305_1.pdf)
Licensed Engineer (60003017_1.pdf)
Licensed Practical Nurse (60000601_1.pdf)
Lieutenant (60002214_1.pdf)
Lube Truck Driver (60008108_1.pdf)
M (return to top)
Maintenance Worker - Juvenile Services (60016827_1.pdf)
Maintenance Worker I (60008002_1.pdf)
Maintenance Worker II (60008003_1.pdf)
Maintenance Worker III (60008004_1.pdf)
Management Analyst (60016501_1.pdf)
Mapping Supervisor (60003004_1.pdf)
Marriage Division Operations Manager (60000146_1.pdf)
Medicolegal Death Investigator/Technologist (60002254_1.pdf)
Medicolegal Death Investigator/Technologist Supervisor (60016052_1.pdf)
Medium Equipment Operator (60008242_1.pdf)
Mental Health Counselor I (60006152_1.pdf)
Mental Health Counselor II (60006153_1.pdf)
Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (60006154_1.pdf)
Mitigation Specialist (60006145_1.pdf)
N (return to top)
Natural Resources Manager (60017101_1.pdf)
NNCTC Infrastructure Liaison Coordinator (60016350_1.pdf)
NNCTC Intelligence Analyst (60016175_1.pdf)
NNCTC Terrorism Liaison Coordinator (60016351_1.pdf)
O (return to top)
Office Assistant I (60000014_1.pdf)
Office Assistant II (60000015_1.pdf)
Office Assistant III (60000016_1.pdf)
Office Support Specialist (60000017_1.pdf)
Operations Superintendent (60004029_1.pdf)
Operations Superintendent Roads-CSD/Roads (60016877_1.pdf)
Organizational Development Manager (60017175_1.pdf)
Outreach Specialist I (60013742_1.pdf)
Outreach Specialist II (60013726_1.pdf)
P (return to top)
Painter (60008130_1.pdf)
Painter Supervisor (60008131_1.pdf)
Park Planner (60004036_1.pdf)
Park Ranger I (60016875_1.pdf)
Park Ranger II (60004017_1.pdf)
Payroll Technician I (60000514_1.pdf)
Payroll Technician II (60017451_1.pdf)
Payroll/Personnel Clerk (60000513_1.pdf)
Permit Services Coordinator (60002116_1.pdf)
Personal Property Auditor-Appraiser (60000345_1.pdf)
Personal Property Field Representative (60000341_1.pdf)
Pilot (60002220_1.pdf)
Planner (60000705_1.pdf)
Planning Manager (60000712_1.pdf)
Planning Technician (60000703_1.pdf)
Plans Examiner (60002112_1.pdf)
Plans Examiner Supervisor (60002117_1.pdf)
Plans/Permits/Applications Aide (60000178_1.pdf)
Principal Account Clerk (60000314_1.pdf)
Principal Fiscal Analyst (60017426_1.pdf)
Probate Estate Case Manager (60000187_1.pdf)
Program Assistant (60000172_1.pdf)
Program Assistant (Fire Administrative) (TMFPD) (60017202_1.pdf)
Program Coordinator (60000171_1.pdf)
Program Manager - Juvenile Services (60013704_1.pdf)
Project Coordinator - CSD (60003020_1.pdf)
Project Coordinator - District Attorney (60017626_1.pdf)
Project Manager (60016701_1.pdf)
Property Inventory Clerk (60000410_1.pdf)
Property Program & Fiscal Control Manager (60008133_1.pdf)
Property Transfer Compliance Recorder (60000135_1.pdf)
Psychologist/Administrator (60015334_1.pdf)
Public Administrator Estate Investigator (60000189_1.pdf)
Public Defender (60009311_1.pdf)
Public Guardian (60009336_1.pdf)
Public Health Communications Program Manager (60017701_1.pdf)
Public Health Emergency Response Coordinator (60000646_1.pdf)
Public Health Investigator I (60015303_1.pdf)
Public Health Investigator II (60015304_1.pdf)
Public Health Nurse I (60000604_1.pdf)
Public Health Nurse II (60000605_1.pdf)
Public Health Nurse Supervisor (60000623_1.pdf)
Public Health Preparedness Manager (60016325_1.pdf)
Public Information Officer (60005006_1.pdf)
Public Service Intern (60000040_1.pdf)
Purchasing Agent - TMFPD (60017802_1.pdf)
Purchasing & Contracts Manager (60009318_1.pdf)
Q (return to top)
R (return to top)
Rangemaster (60004018_1.pdf)
Recording Supervisor (60000134_1.pdf)
Records Management Tech I (60000056_1.pdf)
Records Management Technician II (60000055_1.pdf)
Recreation Coordinator (60004031_1.pdf)
Recreation Specialist (60004011_1.pdf)
Registered Nurse - Juvenile Services (60016950_1.pdf)
Registered Nurse I (60000602_1.pdf)
Registrar of Voters (60009314_1.pdf)
Reprographics/Mail Services Supervisor (60000205_1.pdf)
Risk Management Analyst (60002325_1.pdf)
Roads Supervisor (60008352_1.pdf)
S (return to top)
Safety/Training/EOC Coordinator - CSD (60017476_1.pdf)
Seasonal Assistant Curator (60004007_1.pdf)
Seasonal Bus Driver (60004012_1.pdf)
Seasonal Concession Attendant (60004006_1.pdf)
Seasonal Lifeguard (60004015_1.pdf)
Seasonal Park Aide (Guide, GBA) (60004009_1.pdf)
Seasonal Park Aide - Maintenance (60004004_1.pdf)
Seasonal Park Aide - Ranger (60016000_1.pdf)
Seasonal Park Aide Trainee (60004008_1.pdf)
Seasonal Pool Manager (60004013_1.pdf)
Seasonal Range Safety Officer (60017875_1.pdf)
Seasonal Recreation Leader (60004034_1.pdf)
Seasonal Senior Lifeguard (60004014_1.pdf)
Seasonal Senior Recreation Leader (60004033_1.pdf)
Security Electronics Administrator (60016125_1.pdf)
Senior Accountant (60000315_1.pdf)
Senior Accountant (TMFPD) (60017375_1.pdf)
Senior Air Quality Specialist (60015900_1.pdf)
Senior Appraiser (60000331_1.pdf)
Senior Business Systems Analyst (60000262_1.pdf)
Senior Buyer (60000413_1.pdf)
Senior Criminalist (60002250_1.pdf)
Senior Department Programmer Analyst (60000430_1.pdf)
Senior Deputy Recorder (60000133_1.pdf)
Senior Environmental Engineer (60003038_1.pdf)
Senior Environmental Health Specialist (60000613_1.pdf)
Senior Epidemiologist (60015451_1.pdf)
Senior Field Supervisor (60013727_1.pdf)
Senior Financial Analyst (60016751_1.pdf)
Senior Fiscal Analyst (60000153_1.pdf)
Senior Grounds/Parks Maintenance Worker (60008023_1.pdf)
Senior Human Resources Analyst (60000507_1.pdf)
Senior Human Services Support Specialist (60006127_1.pdf)
Senior Hydrogeologist (60003030_1.pdf)
Senior Library Assistant (60005018_1.pdf)
Senior Licensed Professional Engineer (60003019_1.pdf)
Senior Planner (60000706_1.pdf)
Senior Probation Officer (60013712_1.pdf)
Senior Risk Management Analyst (60000155_1.pdf)
Senior Social Worker (60015335_1.pdf)
Senior Technology Network Engineer (60015838_1.pdf)
Senior Technology Support Technician (60015839_1.pdf)
Senior Technology Systems Administrator (60015833_1.pdf)
Senior Technology Systems Developer (60015840_1.pdf)
Senior Utility Worker (60003011_01.pdf)
Senior Youth Advisor (60013752_1.pdf)
Sergeant (60002213_1.pdf)
Sewer Systems Worker I (60003031_1.pdf)
Sewer Systems Worker II (60003032_1.pdf)
Sheriff Office Records Manager (60016134_1.pdf)
Sheriff Support Specialist (60002205_1.pdf)
Sheriff Support Specialist Supervisor (60002221_1.pdf)
Sheriff Support Specialist Trainee (60016525_1.pdf)
Sheriff Support Specialist-Field Services (60002202_1.pdf)
Sheriff Support Specialist-Field Services Trainee (60016526_1.pdf)
Shift Supervisor (60013753_1.pdf)
Sign Fabricator (60008137_1.pdf)
Sign Shop Supervisor (60008138_1.pdf)
Social Services Case Manager I (60015600_1.pdf)
Social Services Case Manager II (60015601_1.pdf)
Social Services Director (60009316_1.pdf)
Social Services Program Specialist (60006133_1.pdf)
Social Services Supervisor (60006136_1.pdf)
Social Worker I (60006141_1.pdf)
Social Worker II (60006142_1.pdf)
Social Worker III (60006143_1.pdf)
Statistician (60015155_1.pdf)
Storekeeper (60000400_1.pdf)
Supervising Communications Specialist (60002207_1.pdf)
Supervising Criminalist (60002253_1.pdf)
Supervising Guardian Case Manager (60000190_1.pdf)
Supervisor Utility Worker (60015828_1.pdf)
Supply Specialist (60002201_1.pdf)
Systems & Access Services Librarian (60005028_1.pdf)
T (return to top)
Technology Network Engineer I (60015836_1.pdf)
Technology Network Engineer II (60015837_1.pdf)
Technology Project Coordinator (60015825_1.pdf)
Technology Support Technician I (60015726_1.pdf)
Technology Support Technician II (60015830_1.pdf)
Technology Systems Administrator I (60015831_1.pdf)
Technology Systems Administrator II (60015832_1.pdf)
Technology Systems Administrator Specialist (60017900_1.pdf)
Technology Systems Developer I (60015834_1.pdf)
Technology Systems Developer II (60015835_1.pdf)
Telephone Technician (60002314_1.pdf)
U (return to top)
Undersheriff (60017025_1.pdf)
Utility Systems Control Specialist (60016200_1.pdf)
Utility Worker I (60003013_1.pdf)
Utility Worker II (60003014_1.pdf)
V (return to top)
Vector Borne Disease Specialist (60016375_1.pdf)
Vector Control Coordinator (60000616_1.pdf)
Veterinary Technician (60015052_1.pdf)
Victim Services Coordinator (60013734_1.pdf)
Victim Witness Advocate (60001025_1.pdf)
Victim/Witness Advocate-Sheriff`s Office (60015154_1.pdf)
Video Production Coordinator (60000179_1.pdf)
Volunteer Coordinator (60016876_1.pdf)
W (return to top)
Wastewater Collections Systems Supervisor (60015827_1.pdf)
Water & Sewer Project Inspector (60003045_1.pdf)
Water Management Planner (60000723_1.pdf)
Water Management Planner Coordinator (60003035_1.pdf)
Water Meter Technician I (60003048_1.pdf)
Water Meter Technician II (60003049_1.pdf)
Water Resources Program Manager (60003053_1.pdf)
Water Rights Manager (60003050_1.pdf)
Water Rights Technician (60003047_1.pdf)
Water Treatment Plant Operator (60015425_1.pdf)
Water, Sewer and Civil Project Inspector Supervisor (60017159_1.pdf)
WIC Program Manager (60000643_1.pdf)
Work Program Field Supervisor (60013715_1.pdf)
Workforce Development Manager (60015426_1.pdf)
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Youth Advisor (On Call) (60016650_1.pdf)
Youth Advisor I (60013750_1.pdf)
Youth Advisor II (60013751_1.pdf)
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