Washoe County Budget Division

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1001 E. Ninth Street, Room A225
Reno, NV  89512
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11130, Reno, NV 89520-0027

The Budget Division provides strategic information services for three broad types of decisions:

  • Policy Decisions: the Budget Division provides information on the financial implications of policy choices. Particular attention is placed on analyzing the financial risks and rewards of different policy options.
  • Budget & Financial Administration Requirements: the Budget Division provides information on the budget and financial administration requirements related to decisions impacting the budget. This service provides checks and balance as well as oversight, which helps ensure actions taken are prudent and consistent with those requirements. These may be the requirements of state law, county code, or Board policy.
  • Budget Adoption & Management: the Budget Division provides information to assist departments in planning current and future resource needs. At the same time, the Budget Division develops countywide budget information and analysis for County Management and the Board on making strategic resource allocation and financial planning decisions consistent with state financial administration requirements.  Once the budget is adopted, the Budget Division’s service objective is to provide information to assist managing the budget in a manner that responds to changing conditions and needs while consistent with the sound use of resources and legal requirements.

Budget Division Contacts:

The Washoe County budget contains 19 governmental funds, and 6 proprietary and internal service funds with expenditures of approximately $435 million. For questions regarding an individual department's budget please call 775.328.2070.