View of the Reno Sparks night skyline from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
View of the Reno Sparks night skyline from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park

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If you still need assistance please feel free to call our office.
For help locating parcel information, call our public service desk at 775-328-2277.
For technical issues concerning the search you can call (775) 328-2264 or email Dan Ross at
Search by Parcel Number

Washoe County's Assessor Parcel Numbers are 8 digits long. The standard formatting for the number is is 000-000-00. The book number is the first three digits. The page number is the next two digits. For a further explanation of the parcel numbers please visit our mapping page.

The APN can be entered with or without the dashes. The APN can also be entered with or without a leading zero for two digit APNs.
Example: 052-132-01 can be entered any of the following ways:


If you do not use the full APN some logical assumptions are made to locate the correct parcel - ALWAYS BE SURE TO VERIFY YOU ARE ON THE CORRECT PARCEL WHEN THE DATA IS DISPLAYED.

What is the Card Number?
Typically parcels with more than one building will have multiple cards. The parcel overview and summary both display a card count for the parcel. If you want to access the data for cards subsequent to 1 use the "next" option in the parcel summary.

APN Format

Search by Owner

You can now search for parcels by owner name. Enter the name of the owner you are searching for and click 'Lookup Owner'

If the search does not return results you may want to try the search again with less information. Please see the Less is More discussion below in Search by Street Address.

Search by Street Address

Less is More
If your initial attempt at searching by the street address does not work, your best option is to start eliminating information and trying again.

One problem is unusual addresses such as 14575 S US 395 Hwy. There are a couple of options for this search. You could either type in just the street number field box, 14575, then click on the search button. Or, you could type just 395 in the street field box and then click on the search button.

One of the most common errors is spelling out the street suffix (street, court, etc). Rather than trying to figure out our abbreviations, you can leave it off. For example: search for 123 Harbor Cove, NOT 123 Harbor Cove Street.

If you still do not get results try leaving off the street number. Now instead of searching for 123 Harbor Cove TRY Harbor Cove.

Spelling variations can also be a problem. If you still are not getting your results, try shortening the street name. Our example now becomes Harb and you should get your results.

Mailing Address vs. Situs Address
The Assessor Database stores the Parcel Situs, which is a street address of the Parcel. The Situs address does not always match the mailing address of the property. Some parcels have multitple mailing addresses, one for each retail location or storefront, but the parcel will only have one situs address in the Assessor database. If your address search has no results, try eliminating the street number from your search and look for the closest address in the results. When viewing the summary, you can click the 'View Map' link to verify the location in the GIS Map Warehouse.

Search by Book or Book-Page

Book and page is more restrictive when it comes to formatting the information. You may look up the information for a full book by entering all three digits of the book number. This would include a leading zero if necessary - 052 not 52. If you want to include the page number, you will need a dash between the book number and the page number.

APN Format