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Assessor's Office

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Sales Reports
Washoe County Assessor
Sales Data is in Excel Format
In order to view these reports you will need to have Microsoft Excel or a Microsoft Excel Viewer installed on your computer.
These files are very large and may take a while to download. 

Due to decreased staffing levels there may be an increased lag time between when a deed is recorded and when it appears in the sales reports.  We will continue to make every effort to keep these reports as up to date as possible.

2014 Sales YTD 2013 Sales 2012 Sales
2011 Sales 2010 Sales 2009 Sales
2008 Sales 2007 Sales 2006 Sales
2005 Sales 2004 Sales 2003 Sales
2002 Sales Sales History Chart Property acquired via Foreclosure/in lieu of Foreclosure
Foreclosure Map
The Current Bank Repossessions and Foreclosure Map represent properties where the most recent deed indicates that the parcel has reverted back to the lender due to default. 
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